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Pro Edition Hoof Tracker App Package

Contact us for ordering: 435-563-9191 1-800-634-9055 or email us at

Product Description

 The Hoof Tracker App Pro Edition is not available for online ordering. To order please contact us in the following ways:

call: 435-563-9191  1-800-634-9055




$1595 USD is the base cost and includes the ipad, ipad case, mounting hardware, and base features of the app. there are several feature upgrades you can choose to upgrade to:

feature upgrades $135 USD per feature

Available feature upgrades:

1. Visual notes: this feature allows you to draw on the photos you take of the hooves.

2. Cow Pens: this feature allows you to keep track of Cow pen #'s

3. Additional sort options: this feature allows you to sort the cows entered in a job by chronological order while default option is numerical

4. Create Retrim lists: this feature allows you to schedule a group of cows all at once for a future trimming

5. Zone Based treatments: This feature allows you to select individual zones on the claw using the white line atlas mapping method. Default is being able to select a single claw etc. 

6. Additional Invoice features: This feature allows you to apply discounts, create an itemized invoice and add additonal charges to the invoices. 

 Adding any feature upgrades will add to the cost. these upgrades can be purchased at any time, making it so you can start with an affordable first purchase and overtime upgrade to better features at an affordable cost. 

Each Hoof Tracker App Package will include:

 -Apple ipad 5th Gen with app fully loaded

 -Water and Drop proof Ipad case

 -Ipad bracket 

 -Positioning arm

 -Dovetail bracket set (use to attach to chute)

        -(weldable bracket available)

 -Stylus + 2 replaceable tips 

 -Drill for attaching the dovetail bracket

 -Charging cable and charger for Ipad

 -Micro fiber cloth for cleaning

 -All necessary hardware for mounting Ipad bracket to Chute



The Hoof Tracker App is a cutting edge hoof trimming recording software package that allows you to record hoof trimming and herd health with ease. The Hoof Tracker App allows you to:

-Record cows by ID number

-Bring up past trimming history

-Find cows by Pen or ID number

-Assign and look up cow personal info such as days in milk, pen number, and lactation number

-Orient hoof visual to suite what type of chute you are trimming with

-Quickly mark cows as routine trim with one button

-Add treatments/diseases to common hoof zone mapping visuals (color and name coded)

-Schedule rechecks and retrims

-Take photos/notes and assign to specific cow history, and draw on photos for further detail.

-Add blocks and wraps with quick touch buttons, no hassle

-Bring up a report of the job done with percentages and lists of cows that received which treatments/diseases

-Keep track of accounting and create invoices and mark invoices paid

-Do edits across multiple cows such as assign pen number and schedule retrims

-Email, print, or export all information such as invoices, reports, all cow info, and animal lists right from the app itself

-Easily begin work on retrims and rechecks 

-See a chronological list of all upcoming rechecks and retrims

-Create and edit your own treatments/diseases that you add to cows

-Edit any information input by the user

-Back up all information via iTunes


For more information on the software please visit





Product Videos

Hoof Tracker App Release Demo (2018) 17:02

A quick demo of both the software and hardware of the Hoof Tracker App Package by Trim-Tec

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