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Count on Trim Tec and Our Full Line of Hoof Trimming Tools Including Hoof Trimming Discs

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You spend a lot of time taking care of your horses. They are well fed, get plenty of exercise and you brush them on a regular basis. You should put the same effort into their hoof treatment. In order to keep your horses hooves healthy and strong, there are a few tips you should follow.

Although it sounds pretty basic, you should pick up your horse’s feet. We mean you should do this and have a little inspection before taking a ride on your horse or just on a regular basis. The idea here is to look for objects like small stones that might be lodged in the hoof. It is better to pull it now than to have the extra weight of a rider push it even further into the hoof. You should also do an inspection after a ride, just in case something got lodged during the ride.

When you are handling your horse’s hooves, pay attention to the little details. Get to know how warm the hoof feels, this way you know just by touch if something is wrong. Take a few minutes to locate the digital pulse with your two fingers. You aren’t really concerned with a heart rate, you just want to feel a good and strong pulse. Knowing what is normal for your horses enables you to discover when something is wrong just by checking basic signs.

During your hoof examination look for signs of thrush or abscesses. Also, look for punctures and cracks, better to find these problems sooner than later. And as always, count on Trim Tec and our full line of hoof trimming tools including hoof trimming discs and hoof trimming kits.