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With the Development of Our State-of-the-Art Hoof Trimming Tools, Discs and Wheels, Hoof Trimming has Never Been this Easy

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So you already have a basic hoof trimming kit and all the hoof trimming supplies necessary for proper hoof care. But there is a variety of unique hoof health products available that just may make your hoof trimming tasks a little easier.

The Billy Loop Knife is a unique rounded end hoof knife that is great for carving out sores. This is one knife that can literally take the place of multiple knives.

The Wrap Buster is a stainless steel blade that will enable you to cut from multiple angles. Its rounded tip offers resistance from sliding, preventing injury to livestock.

A hoof lifter is a compact and convenient way to lift the hooves of your livestock. It should be part of your hoof trimming supplies.

Baler gloves are seamless, knit gloves that are anatomically designed to provide the needed dexterity to perform even the most difficult hoof trimming task. This glove provides superior grip and the breathable palm coating avoids perspiration. In the cold months of winter, Chilly Grip gloves come highly recommended. These gloves are great when you need that extra grip while working in cold weather conditions. Not only that, they will also keep your hands nice and warm.

With the development of our state-of-the-art hoof trimming tools, discs and wheels, hoof trimming has never been this easy and quick. With the addition of these hoof trimming supplies, trimming can be something you actually look forward to. Since 1993, we have been manufacturing quality hoof trimming tools.