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Tips For Keeping Your Diary Cows Comfortable

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In our previous blog, we gave you some valuable information on how you can get the best dairy from your dairy cows just by providing them with regular hoof trimming with great kits available from Trim-Tec. If you’re still interested in learning how you can prevent future problems with your dairy cows, read the following tips on how you can keep your cows healthy and producing dairy.

  • What kind of food are they feeding on? If you’re actively providing hoof trimming for your cattles hooves, then you should know that nutrition matters. To have healthy hooves, your cows should be fed a good ration of trace minerals, vitamins, proteins and carbohydrates.
  • How are you feeding your dairy cows? The most practical way to feed your cows could be hurting them. Stick to the most conventional way of feeding, which is feeding your cows a good quality grain at least twice a day. If you have cows that are milking over 80 pounds of dairy per day, then giving them double the amount is ideal. If you’re giving your cows the option of eating hay or forage, then make sure it’s before the grain is given.
  • The stall they’re in matters. Cows should be able to lay down for 10 to 14 hours per day, and if the stall is too small and the cow cannot lay down comfortably, they won't. Make sure that each stall is fit for cows. Make sure that you’re giving your dairy cows a soft bed to lay on as well. Sand is a great option for comfort, but make sure that you have stone free sand, as stones can penetrate their soles. 

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