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Six Easy Ways to Care For Your Horse's Hooves

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It’s that time of the year again, the snow is falling and the mud is piling up! The nasty, slick and cold wintery season has finally arrived in many areas of the United States, which only means that the ground is a muddy mess and your farm animal’s hooves need to be checked.

Hoof care is among many of the necessary steps you need to be sure you are taking in order to make sure your horse is healthy.To make sure you are able to care for your horses correctly, invest in all of the hoof trimming and care kits you need, so that your horse can be happy and healthy! Moreover, here are six easy tips on how to keep your horse happy and healthy throughout this cold, slick, wet and wintery season.

  1. Make sure you clean out the hooves of your horse! Imagine having a rock in your shoe all day. This is what your horse likely feels if their hooves are packed with dirt, rocks and manure on a day to day basis.
  2. Inspect the shoes on your horse’s hooves. Make sure that the shoes aren’t bending or shifting in any way, if they are, call your local farrier. If your horse doesn’t wear shoes, be sure that you are hoof trimming regularly with reliable tools.
  3. Feed your horse hoof health supplements. There’s nothing wrong with giving your horses hoof supplements when you feed them. They can help your horse to maintain healthy hooves.
  4. Don’t let your horses stand in mud for too long. Be sure that you get your horses out of the muddy area they are standing in. It can lead to higher hoof moisture, which can cause thrush and other bad infections that can be detrimental to their overall health.
  5. Exercise your horses! We understand that exercising your horse can be taxing and many of us don’t have time for it on a daily basis, but getting your horse out of their stall to have fun with equestrian-approved games can keep your horses happy, healthy and playful.