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Learn More About Trim-Tec, The Hoof-Trimming Tool Company

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You may already know that Trim-Tec is the leading manufacturer of hoof trimming tools. But did you know that Trim-Tec is a fourth-generation company?
That's right. Brad Noble Machine Co., the predecessor to Trim-Tec, was founded in 1977 -- in a garage on a dairy farm. Now the original Brad's grandson runs the company, along with his son Mckay, the original Brad's great-grandson.
The company began manufacturing hoof trimming tools in 1983, and released the first rotary carbide hoof trimming wheel in 1987. This new time-saving wheel had twelve 4-sided replaceable carbide inserts, which eliminated the need to sharpen a disc. This new invention allowed hoof trimmers to go from only trimming 20-30 cows per day to trimming 80-100 per day. 

Trim-Tec's next advance in hoof trimming came with the Shaver, a stainless steel wheel with six inserts on the bottom and four on top, which allowed trimming on both sides. This new feature saved even more time and improved performance; it's still used on our wheels today.

From the 90s through today, Trim-Tec has been the leader in manufacturing lightweight, durable titanium trimming wheels. Our Titanium Titan, Titanium Hog, Adjustable Wheel, and Shaver ll models have all set new standards for hoof trimming around the world. After 30 years of experience and valuable feedback from trimmers in the field, in 2010, our XD Hog and XD Titan were introduced. These new improved tools are super strong and lightweight, giving trimmers the best available tools on the market today. 

The Noble family and Trim-Tec remain committed to innovation and to providing the most advanced, highest-quality, best-performing hoof trimming tools -- for today and into the future.  
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