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Are Your Dairy Cows Producing High Quality Dairy?

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What would happen if there were no more dairy farms out there? What would happen if the cows that gave up their milk for us to drink weren’t healthy? What if all of this could have been prevented by something as simple as trimming hooves? If you’re inclined to learn more about why trimming your dairy cows hooves are vital, keep reading. Do you own a numerous amount of dairy cows? If so, then it is time for you to know why hoof trimming with the correct tools is an important action to take part in.

Not only is hoof trimming important for the overall functionality of life that a cow wants to experience, but it is vital if you want the dairy cow to give consistent lactation of milk. When the cow is given correct hoof trimming, it will be able to stabilize efficiently, which enables the cow to distribute its weight evenly between its hooves.

You may be wondering why regular hoof trimming with high quality tools is necessary, but without a healthy cow, no healthy milk will be produced. Routine trimming is highly recommended at least twice a year or more if the cow needs it. No only does this accelerate a new and healthy horn, but it can more importantly keep your cow healthy, so that it is producing great tasting milk.

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