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We Carry the Best, Highest Quality Hoof Trimming Tools in the Industry

There are several problems that can occur when horses’ hoofs are not properly trimmed. To avoid these problems it is a good idea to maintain regular trimming and maintain a good hoof balance. You also need to use appropriate shoeing for different weather and footing conditions. There are also a number of hoof ailments not [...]

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We Have Been Manufacturing Hoof Trimming Tools Since 1987

We began manufacturing hoof trimming tools back in 1983, and in 1987 we built the first rotary carbide insert hoof trimming wheel. This wheel saved time for the hoof trimmer due to the fact there was no longer the need to sharpen a disc. This was a tremendous time saving implementation as trimmers could now [...]

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We Provide the Highest Quality Hoof Trimming Tools

Hoof trimming is a critical part of horse hoof care. But, there are other tasks that need to be addressed for total proper hoof care for your horse. After all, we all know you want what is best for your horse. You should get into the habit of checking your horse’s hooves on a regular basis. [...]

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