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About Trim Tec

Make your job as a farrier more enjoyable, faster, and easier with Trim-Tec on your side. Trim-Tec began in a garage on a dairy farm in the year of 1977, and from there hoof trimming tools were built. Hoof trimming kits and tools make a farriers job much easier and can give you the precise cuts and shaping you need to give the animal you are working on, a healthy and stable hoof to stand on.

Hoof care is a very important aspect to the life of any farm animal, whether it be cow, horse, or goat. It is very common for these animals to obtain diseases through their hooves, as well as injuries. So, if you are looking to minimize the chances of your farm animal obtaining diseases, illness or injury, then hoof trimming is a traditional and viable option you should consider.

With that being said, Trim-Tec has the experience and knowledge that you can trust! We have many great products for you to peruse through, including hoof trimming kits, aluminum wheels, titanium wheels, blades and non aggressive discs. We also have many great accessories that can make your job of hoof trimming more efficient. Check out all of the precise and high quality hoof trimming products that we have available online today! Contact us online now if you have any questions about our products or manufacturing.